Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I made it to Gallery Idol top 20 !

Dearly friends :)

as right now i am so happy to be part of Gallery Idol top 20 which is a huge suprise to me. I did not see this coming and i am now still out of town for vacation and accompanying parents to do some medical check up.For a moment i already gave this first round up, because i knew i have no crafting items, no coloring markers,no laptop,not even a pair of scissors with me. But i got so many emails and supports from all of you my friends, which really touch me and motivate me to do my best! Thank you so much. This gonna be a very short simple thank you and support me blogpost , as i only update this using my phone and wifi in the hotel lobby. Since the vote has begun, please drop by HERE to view all cards and vote for my card. My card supplies are unimaginable!i made this card from papers, tissue,pens in the hotel room and tags and wraps from my shopping bags.and no stamps at all.Thank you so much for all your supports !

(unable to post the picture my card here, just go visit paper crafts mag gallery idol website and view my card no.19)

sending hugs to all...


  1. Congratulations Cathy! Sign of a true artist - using everyday items to create extraordinary art!

  2. Big congrats to you on Gallery Idol! So happy for you :) I saw your card and I can't believe you made that with just scraps and bits from around the hotel! Talk about talent :) Good luck to you, Cathy!

  3. HUGE congrats to you, Cathy! It's amazing how you can get creative in the midst of your traveling! Good luck to you in this round! All the best!

  4. Big congrats Cathy! I am thrilled that you are in the top 20 at Gallery Idol and I hope you make it all the way! You are super creative to come up with the card you did! Fantastic!

  5. Way to go Cathy! I am voting for you!

    When you get back, please stop by my blog - I have an award for you at this link here: http://instead-of-ironing.blogspot.com/2011/07/four-awards-yep-count-them-four-woo-hoo.html

  6. Selamat, selamat... wow, salam kenal dari Manado... aku senang melihat bhw paper crafting mulai populer di indo...! singgah di blogku, ne! http://mamadinis.blogspot.com


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