Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Easter card

Finally a little time to make card for penny black challenge.Make an easter card using penny black stamps! check HERE for more details. I don't own many stamps but most of my stamps are penny black.. i was trying to look for easter theme stamps, but don't have one. So i'm using this bunny stamp from the garden friends clear stamp set plus some modified sentiments :)

The Bunny looks sooo adorable and fenimine. i just love her :)
Happy Easter

Stamps : Penny black garden friends clear stamp set
Penny black writing balckground stamp
Stampendous alphabeth clear stamp
Coloring : Derwent softcolour pencils
Also entering this card for

Friday, February 25, 2011

Find Joy Everyday and......

I didn't have much time to do cards lately. i actually really want to create some card for some challenges...:(
i just didn't have time because of this moving to new house thing.. I know the housewarming party is over but.. i plan to move all my stamping stuff to new house. I love it there since it feels so relaxing to be there so i guess it might be a better place to be crafty ^^ My stuff isn't that much yet but i don't have desk there :( i might have to use the floor to do stamping... and need to buy organizer or portable wardrobe.

a lil update about me, i have a very bad sorethroat now, talking in 4 classes today and giving private tutor and all the listener were kids... now my voice sounds creepy...
Here's a simple card i made today (during break time).. just seeing mimi on my card already cheer me up...
Find Joy Everyday
Stamps : Mimi cupcake
Paper : October afternoon
Coloring : Copics
Don't worry , beside not-so-very-good news about me.
i have a GREAT NEWS to share today!
One of my favourite blog WeeMemories is having a generous giveaway this sunday!!!
For those who doesn't know about this blog, u really should check this out..
Myself just knew this blog recently and love the challenges!! Jenny (the owner) always post great inspiring cards and so do the DTs :)
I always follow this blog to learn more about cardmaking
Go HERE to find out about the fabulous WMC prize!!
entering this card for
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Housewarming party

I have been busy for a couple days. i didnt get to upade my blog because on Monday night we had a housewarming party! Yay!! that means new house!!! I'm moving to our family new house, but i will be spending most of my time still at my own place since its closer to work and thats where my stamping desk is :D

I don't think i can take the picture of the whole new house and upload them here.. so im just going to share my favorite spots of the house :

Here's the living room with my super comfy red couch. thats where i usually sit and use my laptop :) This is how it looked before our guests arrived :) The picture on the wall ? thats me and my bro graduation potrait.

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

My Dad's garden at backyard that soon will be crowded by guests..
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

and this is after the guests came.We invited about 140 guests (my friends,my dad n mom's friends and my bro's friends) I know this is a looooottt of people. but sure they came not all at the same time which save us some breath.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

I just want to share that i didnt get to eat the satay (they said its really good) :( but im loving the friend mantou filled with beef minced (top left picture). we had to stand for almost 3 hours and keep welcoming all the guests or showing the guests around the house. It was a great time since i got to meet most of my family and friends here. I didnt take so many pictures right now because i might post some in near future ^^ This house way more spacious and relaxing .so i love to spend my breaktime here :)

Ah ya! Last night we got to open some housewarming gifts. Guess what ? we got like 5 electric fans,.. and flashlight,romatic light(with the stars and hearts light projected to whole room in the dark), tea set, coffee set, "coughing" ash tray (super unique)..and more. :) hehe i also plan to share a warm gift on my next blogpost.. what's my warm gift ? wait and see ^^

Card ? hmm .. only made one card lately and its requested by a friend. Its a wedding anniversary card, using more hero arts stamps :) I was trying to make a homy look card with a space for a picture at the front of the card.

Wedding Anniversary Card

hope you like what i share today :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Be Mine

I still have my migraine and anemia until today..I think im going to see doctor soon.

its so annoying because i cant do many duties i usually do at home.

and now i start to have some sorethroat too. my mom asks me to drink some honey with lime. i love lime but i don't really like honey. i just simply not into sweet things (for eat or drink) i feel like those sweet stuff would stuck while i eat/drink them.. but i have no choice because i hate medicine even more!

Speaking about honey, i just made a new card today.. that includes some bees.. flying creature. yes! its Mimi and the bees!!

this design has come out to my mind the first time i saw the bees stamp. and im also trying a new colour combo that i never tried before. I don't know if it turns out well,you'll be the judge.

Here's the card :

Be Mine

Stamp : Penny Black Love Antenna wood stamp, Mimi and miles clear stamp set (hearts),

and stuck on you clear stamp set (bee)

Colour : Copics and derwent softcolour pencils

entering this card for :

Wee Memories challenge #43 (2nd card)

4 Crafty Chicks

Speaking about sweet and new, There's something sweet and new today ..

and its a NEW AWARD! designed by myself :p

I designed 2 new award for my friends who's been inspiring me A LOT! !! I really wanted to give them something but seems like all awards i got are from them.. i don't think i can give them the same reward,can't i ? so.. here's the new award been born from my laptop.

The first one Sweet Blog award. this is my old drawing too.. i put them in the badge and use my favorite pastel colour. and

if you accept this award ….

1.Please link back to the one who gave u this award and say thanks :)

2.Write 3 sweet moments happened in your life ^^

3.Pass this sweet award to the 3 sweetest blogger you know :D

3 sweet moments :

1.My parents come visit me in Beijing when i was so lonely

2.My friends gave me a surprise birthday the night bfore i left Beijing

3.My boyfriend came visit me during new year

I would like to give this award to 3 sweet blogger friends :

Yenni Natalia

Her works always so sweet and inspiring. with great tutorials too!!

Vera Rhuhay

She's a really sweet friend and talented cardmaker!


my new friend who supports my cards through flickr.I love her sweet cards

and the second award is coming tomorrow..

Hope you will like the new born award, my friends :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friends make me smile ! plus good news ! plus an award !

I am soooo happy with my life eventhough its not perfect. I have been receiving support from family, my boyfriend and sweet comments from all of you. its just these days ive been feeling down and right now i dont feel well too. Even right now im having bad migrain. But im dying to share the good news ive got last nite.

Yesterday i wrote a blogpost and shared a card, mentioning how bad i felt lately.. but not last night. When i was resting on my bed, my mum came and brought me a package. She told me this is the one i have been waiting for and that should cheer me up. When i opened it, it was HERO ARTS GOODIES from blog hop hero hostesses win (on January). Its not that it arrived late, but i wrote my mom's address (in another city) on purpose. The little town where i live now have a very strange addressing system. You have more than 3 houses having the same number on the same street. The package arrived right on time and made me SUPER HAPPY!!

here's the picture of the new family of my little stamping desk.

Welcome to my little stamping desk :)

ok.. my stamping desk looks really messy and small.. i know.
i dont have bigger place since this actually my desk when i was still in elementary school. and i dont get a bigger room since then.. :p

But that's not it!

There's more...
Later at night Vera texted me about a very cute card among hero arts flickr.. a donut and coffee cup card (holding hands) how cute is that! and while i was browsing this card, vera texted me again that I WON HERO ARTS FEBRUARY CHALLENGE!!! I was SO SURPRISED that actually my migrain hit me again. hahaha!! then i went to check Hero Arts Blog. My Card WON as one of Fabulous 5 ! undercribably happy!

here's the card that won in hero arts challenge, i haven't posted it on my blog yet.

Is that it ?

No.. There's more!!!

Lately I got an award from my friends (2 of my friends gave me this) Yenni and Shirley, and i'm going to share this award to my other lovely friends! Thanks a lot for this award ^^

And in receiving this award i will have to write 8 things about myself :

1. I love travelling and travelling around the world is top on my wishlist
2.I love my parents so much! they are the great gift God gave to me :)
3.My boyfriend lives in Thailand and i miss him everyday ^^
4.Spicy food is the best ! I think food taste blend when its not spicy!
5.Crocodiles (or their cousin, Aligators) SCARES me A LOT!
6.I have good memory, makes me a fast learner in language learning (i love this)
7.In my life, i have 2 dogs, 6 cats, 2 tortoise,7 fish, 2 canaries as my pets.. (of course not all at the same time)
8.I always want to own a cafe , like coffee station which everything inside designed by myself :)

And this award will goes to my blogger friends whose works i adore :

Go check their blog for more inspiration :)

Thanks for viewing my blog

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life is not perfect

Today i dont feel well at all.. i got anemia and headache, and i just cant do my regular activity. Yesterday wasnt really my day too.. many things happened and made me emotinally EXPLODED!!
Good thing i can spend sometime to rest at home today and.... decided to make a card.

Here's a card i made using penny black stamp and hero arts sentiment.

Life is not perfect

I tried to make the burning coloring effect on the toasted bread to make as if the bread been burnt while been toasted.. It happened to me before, i wanted to have quick toast for breakfast and it ended up ugly..
My boyfriend told me that i shouldnt expect things to go well everyday.

Life is just not perfect..
but There're much more things we should be grateful about :)

Entering this card for

I do hope this card can cheer you up as it does to me :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

You make my heart POP ! plus an award :)

I have just got some new blog awards from my friend, but i guess i have to post it one at a time and share it to my other blogging friends. I got this award from my friend, Yenni who has been inspiring me a lot with her works. Beside being so sweet and friendly, She's also a SUPER TALENTED crafter (i would say crafter because she's great both in scrapbooking and cardmaking)
And...... in accepting the award I have had to agree to the following conditions :
1) You have been tagged, do you want to accept? YES ! and thanks!!
2) Link back to the person who gave you the award and say if you accept.
3) Choose 3-5 of your favourite blogs to tag, link these in your post too and tell the lucky people they have been tagged.
I would love to give this award to some cardmakers (or scrapbookers) ive known recently and i love their creations :)
and .... Here's a recently made card with valentine's theme.

You make my heart pop

This card idea coming from how i looooooveee playing bubble soap while i was a kid and when i saw this penny black stamp image i know right away im gonna make this sweet card as a valentine card.i just bought my glossy accent from ranger ,and this is the first time i play with it :) love it

Entering this card

Penny black saturday challenge week #138

Thanks for viewing

have a wonderful valentine's day with your loved ones

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sending you my heart

Today im going to share my latest card for penny black challenge. an ‎"Winter White" is the card challenge theme this week. I love simple card, but white space.. humm.. lets see what i can do with my stamps ^^

A big bunch of love 2
Stamps : Penny black mimi love antenna, Betsy blue bell (only the flowers) and Miles from mimi and miles clear stamp set.
(i cut out the wings, antenna and mimi's feet. to make it as if mimi is sitting down)
Colour : Copics
Punch : Martha steward scallop dot
Entering this card
Sending you my heart
Stamps : Little stamp from various penny black clear stamp set :)
Coloring : Derwent soft colour
Paper : Scraps
Entering this second card to
Thanks for viewing my blog

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Cathy !

I'm so happy,excited and honored today to be featured as guest designer at CardPatterns weekly challenge blog for this week sketch. Glad that many of DTs liked my card ^^

This is my first time to be a guest designer and it motivates me even more to improve my creativity in cardmaking world. and of course all inspiration come from all my friends and today i hope my take on the sketch could inspire you too :-)

Here's my card ( birthday card ) :

Floating birthday :D

Stamps : Penny black

Coloring : copics and derwent softcolour

Paper : DCMV

thanks for viewing my blog :-D

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love You !

Hedgie becoming an artist ! that's when hedgie is IN LOVE...
*wish my boyfriend could be romantic.hehehe ^^ (i know he isnt romantic person)

I'm creating this card based on New Monday WEEKLY Challenge by Penny black wonderful sketch!
Both image and sentiment are using Penny black stamps. The artist hedgie is from 3773H Love Graffiti ,and the sweet hedgie with flower swing on the painting is from Garden friends stamp set. and just because i have trouble to see the diferent between boy hedgie and girl hedgie, i made a red bow on girl hedgie's head using 2 little heart stamps ^^
The background is using Letter background stamp and the sentiments just some mix and match sentiments from PennyBlack.

Here's the card :
Love you
Beside Penny black Challenge
I'm also entering this card for :
Thanks for viewing my cards ^o^v

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"You are in my heart and thoughts" by Romantic Hedgie

This gonna be a very short and brief post about my new card since i have to prepare for tonight's dinner. Its gonna be CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEAR TOMORROW! love family gathering! it feels like Thanksgiving ^^

Guess what .. Hedgie can be very romantic during the love month , Valentine's month !
Here's my new card.


Entering this card for

Happy chinese new year to all who celebrates :D
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