Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to ART !

If i have to be HONEST,

There're 4 things about me that everyone would agree (at least 98% of you) :

One, I would say i'm a very talkative (or even more) and blah person about many things.

Two, I suck at MATH !! :(

Three , I'm in love with ART and LANGUAGE (^^)

Four , OK, MY BIG DREAM ! (or may be huge) : TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD (who wouldn't want this ?)

Traveling is my passion and i could tell every specific details about places i've been to. That's why i wrote my first blog : Little Steps of Cathy . Soon after i stayed in china for 2 years, i almost had no time for blogging, because of many reasons. and one of them is because blogspot was blocked in China :(

Now i have more reason to write my NEW BLOG and its about ART AND CRAFT!!! As i mentioned in my previous blog , i love to meet new people, and i DID meet so many crafters, cardmakers who inspires me and support me to do things i LOVE! YAY! Thanks to Yenni, Vera, Dwita, Rina and more more more friends i can't mention here.

one MAIN PROBLEM i'm facing rite now is I'm so new to cardmaking !

i hope you all blog readers, crafter, artists, and cardmakers would drop your comments to cards i'm going to share here ^^

mini cards

my very first card and very first copic experience

Image : Hand-drawn
Colour : Copics
Paper : Some scrap paper left on my desk...

enjoy *-*


  1. Hello Cathy...welcome to blogging land :)))
    Your card absolutely Adorable! I adore with your hand-drawn image, you are so talented!!

  2. I just took a stroll thru your blog and your work is adorable! So clean & color friendly! I'm glad you love art, cuz your work is sweet as pie! I am going to be having candy at my blog tomorrow, feel free to come and check it out. It will be posted at the top until Dec 31.
    Take Care.

  3. I love your cards! It's all beautifully made! :)


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