Friday, December 3, 2010

Second Post


HAHAHA ! i made these cards like 2 weeks ago, so now i have to upload some of them at the same time. Here're some cards i made using my hand-drawn before i REALISED that crafters are using SUPER CUTE STAMPS for their cards.. and i was wondering how these crafters able to draw the same characters .. exactly the same!! . :p that's me being slow.. ><

Aren't we cute together ?

aren't we cute together ?

image : hand-drawn
colour : copics

Pink bubble girl card

Pink Bubble Girl

image : hand-drawn
colour : copics

here's a present for you

Birthday in Autumn

image : hand-drawn
colour : copics

guess i really have to do something with my blog layout -_-"
and i forgot how..
Sorry for the untidy layout!


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