Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Housewarming party

I have been busy for a couple days. i didnt get to upade my blog because on Monday night we had a housewarming party! Yay!! that means new house!!! I'm moving to our family new house, but i will be spending most of my time still at my own place since its closer to work and thats where my stamping desk is :D

I don't think i can take the picture of the whole new house and upload them here.. so im just going to share my favorite spots of the house :

Here's the living room with my super comfy red couch. thats where i usually sit and use my laptop :) This is how it looked before our guests arrived :) The picture on the wall ? thats me and my bro graduation potrait.

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My Dad's garden at backyard that soon will be crowded by guests..
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and this is after the guests came.We invited about 140 guests (my friends,my dad n mom's friends and my bro's friends) I know this is a looooottt of people. but sure they came not all at the same time which save us some breath.
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I just want to share that i didnt get to eat the satay (they said its really good) :( but im loving the friend mantou filled with beef minced (top left picture). we had to stand for almost 3 hours and keep welcoming all the guests or showing the guests around the house. It was a great time since i got to meet most of my family and friends here. I didnt take so many pictures right now because i might post some in near future ^^ This house way more spacious and relaxing .so i love to spend my breaktime here :)

Ah ya! Last night we got to open some housewarming gifts. Guess what ? we got like 5 electric fans,.. and flashlight,romatic light(with the stars and hearts light projected to whole room in the dark), tea set, coffee set, "coughing" ash tray (super unique)..and more. :) hehe i also plan to share a warm gift on my next blogpost.. what's my warm gift ? wait and see ^^

Card ? hmm .. only made one card lately and its requested by a friend. Its a wedding anniversary card, using more hero arts stamps :) I was trying to make a homy look card with a space for a picture at the front of the card.

Wedding Anniversary Card

hope you like what i share today :)


  1. I love it cathy :) super cute design :) thanks for inspire me..i also need to create wedding cards as well :) i wonder why i never buy those cutie owls :)
    the satay really looks yummy and i love your house..it is soo big :)

  2. love your new home Cathy....am so happy for you..
    must be really busy and super duper tired after the guest went back..
    big hugs

  3. Congratulations on the new house! Hope it brings you comfort and happiness with your family and friends!

  4. Beautiful home Cathy. Thank you for sharing pictures of the wonderful party and delicious food. Your card is very lovely.

  5. Congrats Cath.. kalau aku ke balikpapan someday,boleh mampir yaah. ;)


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