Friday, February 18, 2011

Friends make me smile ! plus good news ! plus an award !

I am soooo happy with my life eventhough its not perfect. I have been receiving support from family, my boyfriend and sweet comments from all of you. its just these days ive been feeling down and right now i dont feel well too. Even right now im having bad migrain. But im dying to share the good news ive got last nite.

Yesterday i wrote a blogpost and shared a card, mentioning how bad i felt lately.. but not last night. When i was resting on my bed, my mum came and brought me a package. She told me this is the one i have been waiting for and that should cheer me up. When i opened it, it was HERO ARTS GOODIES from blog hop hero hostesses win (on January). Its not that it arrived late, but i wrote my mom's address (in another city) on purpose. The little town where i live now have a very strange addressing system. You have more than 3 houses having the same number on the same street. The package arrived right on time and made me SUPER HAPPY!!

here's the picture of the new family of my little stamping desk.

Welcome to my little stamping desk :)

ok.. my stamping desk looks really messy and small.. i know.
i dont have bigger place since this actually my desk when i was still in elementary school. and i dont get a bigger room since then.. :p

But that's not it!

There's more...
Later at night Vera texted me about a very cute card among hero arts flickr.. a donut and coffee cup card (holding hands) how cute is that! and while i was browsing this card, vera texted me again that I WON HERO ARTS FEBRUARY CHALLENGE!!! I was SO SURPRISED that actually my migrain hit me again. hahaha!! then i went to check Hero Arts Blog. My Card WON as one of Fabulous 5 ! undercribably happy!

here's the card that won in hero arts challenge, i haven't posted it on my blog yet.

Is that it ?

No.. There's more!!!

Lately I got an award from my friends (2 of my friends gave me this) Yenni and Shirley, and i'm going to share this award to my other lovely friends! Thanks a lot for this award ^^

And in receiving this award i will have to write 8 things about myself :

1. I love travelling and travelling around the world is top on my wishlist
2.I love my parents so much! they are the great gift God gave to me :)
3.My boyfriend lives in Thailand and i miss him everyday ^^
4.Spicy food is the best ! I think food taste blend when its not spicy!
5.Crocodiles (or their cousin, Aligators) SCARES me A LOT!
6.I have good memory, makes me a fast learner in language learning (i love this)
7.In my life, i have 2 dogs, 6 cats, 2 tortoise,7 fish, 2 canaries as my pets.. (of course not all at the same time)
8.I always want to own a cafe , like coffee station which everything inside designed by myself :)

And this award will goes to my blogger friends whose works i adore :

Go check their blog for more inspiration :)

Thanks for viewing my blog


  1. Congratulations Cathy, on your Hero Arts win for
    your sweet card!

  2. I can just imagine how excited/thrilled you must be when your mom dropped off the HA hostess blog goodies and THEN found out about your Fab 5 win! I can not be happier for you and hope you continue to create as you have such a lovely cute style all of your own! It's so great to know more about you! Hope you do send lots of cards to your BF! Thank you for naming my blog as one of your inspiring blogs!! I'm deeply honored ^~^

  3. Thank you for the award, Cathy. Congrats on your winning again, Cath...

  4. BIG congrats on your HA win, Cathy!!! your card ROCKs!!! i adore it and so happy that you are one of the Fab 5!! and wow! look at all the new goodies... can't wait to see what you made! congrats on the award, too! i enjoyed reading a little more about you and yes!! spicy food is the best!! =) hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  5. once again....Huge Congratulations on your win, Cathy! I'm so so happy for you :))
    and thank you for the award fo me hehehe :)))

  6. wow! amazing Talent... Congrat on your win,Catch. happy shopping yaaaa...

  7. Thankyou for the award Cath.. And Congratulation,,happy shopping

  8. Cathy, congratulations on the winnings! It is a great news of twice! I added this card into my flickr favourite but no chance to comment. Glad that you win and I realized that you win some other challenges as well! You are really talented!


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